Mix & Match

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$26.00 / Box of 30

Can’t decide which flavor to order? No worries, you can now create your own box! Try every flavor or get a box mixed of a few of your favorites! Mix & match from the our flavors shown below to create your own custom box of 30 ices. Limit 1 Mix & Match box per order.


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29 reviews for Mix & Match

  1. Benjamin

    These ices are amazing , the flavor is great and juicy.


    I love these Products bade really taste good I love it

  3. Candice B

    Excellent, delicious and refreshing ices. No other ices cam compare to Mamita’s!

  4. Ronald Pena

    The same flavor i remember when i was a liltle kid in dominican republic . Love them thank you for bringing those flavor back to life.

  5. Harry

    Absolutely the most delicious ices on the planet!!

  6. Thema Taymah Lake

    My wife and I love these products… can’t wait for the mango ice and passion ice flavor to become available 😍😍

  7. Lina3169

    very very good

  8. Mary

    The most delicious ice I ever ate!!
    been buying for almost a year,both in NY and FL!!!!

  9. Mary

    The most delicious ice I ever ate…I’m addicted!!!
    been buying for over a year, both in NY and FL!!!!
    Can’t wait to try the guava!!
    I find the cream flavors are Best!!!❤️❤️❤️

  10. Mary S

    The BEST ice I ever ate!
    Been buying for over a year in NY and FL!
    I’m addicted!!!
    Looking forward to tasting the guava!
    I find the cream flavors are BEST!!

  11. Carla Malatesta

    Awesome flavor!

  12. Cassandra

    The best!! I used to think they were gross as a kid, but since, my palate has matured. I am thoroughly obsessed with these! My favorites being bizcocho cream, batata cream, coconut cream, and raspberry ice. Keep making them as delicious as they are!

  13. Yummy


    I was told to try it and when I did all I have to say I can eat this all day

  14. Theresa Castillo

    These are awesome

  15. ariel antonmarchi

    i never forget as a kid there was a tamarindo tree in front of the humble home i lived in puertorico. we made limbers of tamarindo or coconut our abuela thaught us how to make them. and we had dominican friends we consider family we shared our cultures foods great times. so when i first tasted a mamitas ice it was years ago in a bodega in washington heights and i took a deep, breath it brought me back to my childhood they are that good best i ever had all their flavors .so instead of judging immigrants and pointing fingers president trump look at all the good dominicans and immigrants of many cultures have shared with this country. gracias dominicanos hermanas i hermanos por todo lo bueno que tienen su cultura i su comida i su gente de un hermano boricua que dios me los bendiga .

  16. Spencer Guida

    I so far love the coconut cream flavor. When I first bought these I was skeptical about buying them. But I don’t regret! I love the!!

  17. Tullie

    I was first turned on to Mamita’s ices over 10 years ago when I got them from the Bodega in Brooklyn in East New York – I was addicted. Perfect on a warm day or when you want to snuggle up on a cold night on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with the delicious flavors of these ices bursting at the seams. Since moving around the world and Im back in New York City – I see they’ve gained much popularity – and I don’t wonder why.
    These are phenomenal – the best in the world > And I have lived in 7 countries. I am soooo looking forward to when this COVID-19 pandemic stops plaguing the world so I can order some… it’s been far too many years since I’ve had one.

  18. Edwin Rivera

    Mamita’s ices The best in the tri state area 101% Good!👌

  19. ROOTS

    Love it, rich and flavorful, the coconut and rasberry cream, these ices are to die for. Queens did it again..🥰..Thank you

  20. Will

    Will these be available for shipping after COVID? Or has it always been only for pickup?

    • Susan Guzman


      Hey Will,

      Our ices have always only been available for pick-up but we are working on shipping.Stay tuned!

  21. Rebecca Bowers

    I love this product

  22. Cheryl meyer

    Just discovered recently. So delicious. Highly recommend.

  23. cheryl meyer

    Recently discovered, so delicious. Highly recommend

  24. Morena

    Absolutely Love these! Nothing compares and I don’t want anything else. Batata, coconut, and bizcocho are my favs. Please allow for shipping since we live in the south now, I need my Mamitas in bulk🤗

  25. Clara m maldonado


  26. Sophia

    Love it


    I gave this product five stars it’s a shame I have to drive from Massachusetts to get a another box but I will



    Great product

  29. Shay


    Can’t wait for shipping to be available to Georgia. I can only get this wonderful treat when I go back home to visit in New York.

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