Coconut Cream

(16 customer reviews)

$25.00 / Box of 30

Our flagship flavor! Coconut Cream is a delicious blend of Skim Milk, Coconut Cream, Sugar, and Vanilla.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Milk, Coconut Cream, Cane Sugar, Skim Milk, Xantham Gum, Artificial Vanilla Flavor, Salt – CONTAINS MILK

NOTICE: Shipping is not available for this product. All Mamita's Ice orders must be picked up at our main location. Once your online order has been completed your items will be held for pickup.

16 reviews for Coconut Cream

  1. Sharon Bobbitt

    This is the best coconut cream flavored ice. I’m from Miami FL sometime the store is out of for a while. Wish you guys did shipping. Delicious!

  2. Ray

    The coconut cream is amazing. I cannot get enough.

  3. Marcia Oppedisano


    Bought one out of a local supermarket because I was not aware of how exactly on point this is!!! Omg the best coconut ice out here…if you grew up having someone in your family making these you should try mamita ice…I placed my online order for a whole case, no doubt in my mind this is the best available for purchase.

  4. Jose

    I can only find coconut cream, it’s awesome. Would you send me the address where I could pick some

    • Susan Guzman


      Hey Jose,

      Thank you for your comment we are more than happy to help you find more of our products. You can simply come to our warehouse located on 104-11 100 Street, Ozone Park NY or you can use our store locator option to see what supermarkets near you.

  5. Raymond Rosado

    I was park out side of a grocery store in the Bronx waiting for my daughter inlaw. It was hot when I notice a colorful ice cream truck that said Mamita’s ice cream on it making a delivery to the store. I have never seen this type of ice cream so I went in side and purchase a mango flavor. I was surprise that it was only a $1.00 it tasted great can wait till get home and let my wife and grandkids. Before I leave this spot i’m In to try another flavor. I pray you guys get a chance to diliver in other area in the Bronx i’ll be checking with my local groceries stores to see if they sell it.

  6. Nandani Shah

    Wish you guys delivered out of state; I live in Minnesota and I always ask my sister to bring some when she comes to visit from NY! Love it

  7. Megan

    I’m from Brooklyn NY and fortunately able to get these amazingly yummy treats any and everywhere from the corner bodega to supermarket up the block! My family and I absolutely love mamitas since trying them years back. Thanks guys🙌🏽😄

  8. Madison

    I’m addicted that’s all I can say this is like a drug to me 😭😂

  9. Nilda .

    I love the coconut one .

  10. Jennifer

    Amazing taste like the limber my grandmother used to make. Where can I get these in FL?

  11. shilo in new england

    I can never eat only one! COCONUT I LOVE YOU! Thank you!

  12. Wendy Maldonado

    No comment

  13. Katherine

    Esto es lo mejor que hay prueben el de batata por Dios es lo mejor hasta mejor que el de coco estoy adicta a ese sabor el de batata crem

  14. John Downey

    Tried them at an event they were participating in for kids. So good can’t wait to find my favorite one.

  15. Yasy

    My favorite we loved

  16. G Cintron

    I just the taste.

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