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Mamita’s Ices are made based on the Morel’s family motto of quality and tradition. They believe the best recipes are those that are filled with quality ingredients and passed down from generation to generation. The Morel’s family heirloom is their ices recipe which has since been passed down from Maximo and Juana Morel to their eight children.

After arriving to the United States from the Dominican Republic the Morel family began to produce these ices in their kitchen, using nothing more than fresh ingredients, a pan and a freezer. The Morel family was no stranger to home-crafted goods, since Maximo and Juana Morel baked Casabe within their home for many years back in the Domincan Republic. So, in a leap of faith, and coming to an early realization of their high-quality product, the Morel Family named these icees “Mamita’s Ices” and began selling them from bodega to bodega in New York City.

It all began with seven brothers and sisters, Franklin, Javier, Manuel, Luisa, Nieves, Altagracia, and Grecia. Mamita’s Ices began with one flavor, Tamarindo, and has since developed into nine tantalizing flavors, including Mango, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Raspberry Cream, Grape, Batata, Coconut and the new flavor Agua de Jamaica! Mamita’s Ices has expanded its reach from bodegas and supermarkets in the New York metro area to the tri-state region and now selling all the way down the East Coast including the Tri-State area, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Boston, Florida and as far as Puerto Rico.

And Mamita’s Ices won’t stop there! Manufacturing Mamita’s Ices in Queens, the Morel’s are opening up a warehouse location in the Bronx for wholesale initiatives in May. Mamita’s Ices is looking to expand their product line-up to include, drinkable yogurt, rice, casabe (to be imported from the Dominican Republic), and much, much more.

The Morel family is creating and developing high-quality products for the Latino community made by Latinos. The Morel family is very proud of the Mamita’s Ices team, all 40 employees (20 in-house and 20 sales representatives) are Latino, and are in huge part responsible for the success and quality of Mamita’s Ices.

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November – March
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